Due to the very young nature of our club, no elections will be held in 2019. In accordance with our constitution & bylaws:
” Petitioner(s) for offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary / Secretary-Treasurer musthave been a continuous member of the GSFRB for one (1) year previous to petition. Petitioners for officeof Director must have been a continuous member of the NSFRC for six (6) months previous to petition.”
The club currently has no members that fit these criteria, and therefore no election will be held in 2019.

Once we have sufficient members as to assign committee members to the Election Committee, we will resume elections. The 2020 seats for election will be President, Secretary (or Secretary/Treasurer), and two directors. If being an officer is something that interests you, join the club and get active so that come June 1, 2020, you can submit a petition for office.

We will also need election committee members: ” The Election Committee shall consist of two (2) members. The Election Committee shall prepare, distribute, receive, and count the ballots, tabulate and certify the results of any and all elections to the Board of Directors. No member of the Election Committee shall be eligible for election to any office while they are a member of the Election Committee.”

If there are further questions, please refer to the constitution & bylaws, or contact the President via email (mail@gasilverfox.com) or Facebook.