Post Regarding Elections:

I am happy to see the continued support for GSFRB by our members running for office. This year, we WILL have an election. We have the following candidates running for office:


  • Tricia Beaver, NC
  • Alan Townsend, GA


  • Michael Petersen, TN


  • Bill Brockman, TN

As the positions for Treasurer & Director ran uncontested, Michael & Bill will both assume their respective offices in October. We will be voting for the office of Vice President, whose petitions (along with Bill & Michael’s) are included below. Voting will open electronically on August 1, and will close August 31. Results will be announced within 48 hours of the close of the election. All officers assume their duties beginning on the last day of ARBA convention, which will be October 27, 2021. Please review the petitions for office (below) for each candidate and consider your choices for GSFRB VP. The petitions will also be included in the electronic ballot for reference.

Thank you for continuing to support our club!

~Hannah Yost
GSFRB President & 2021 Election Committee

FOR THE OFFICE OF VICE PRESIDENT – Petition #1: Tricia Beaver, NC

My name is Patricia Beaver, and I am petitioning to continue my role as Vice President. I started with Silver Fox mix meat rabbits back in 2016. In 2017 I attended my first ARBA, having the only Silver Fox rabbit at the show the judge remarked she hadn’t seen any in many years. At that show I decided Silver Fox needed a stronger foothold in the Southeast. But I could never do it alone. After many years of struggling to make numbers, we finally are able to go to shows without worrying about meeting minimum requirements for rewards. As Vice President I have worked to extend GSFRB influence in the Carolinas; helping fellow breeders learn what is necessary to both produce quality silver fox and keep our rabbits competitive in ARBA shows. Showing is a large part of club activities, and being a meat and fur breed, I plan to work towards getting more fur classes added to shows, potentially meat pens as well. For me, shows have never been about competition, but about the community of knowledgeable breeders coming together to share and inspire one another. Adding different judging classes will help open more opportunities for members to come together and succeed in their individual goals. Continuing as Vice President will give me the opportunity to keep building our club into an amazing community resource for all SE states.

FOR THE OFFICE OF VICE PRESIDENT – Petition #2: Alan Townsend, GA

Good day, my name is Alan Townsend and I’m running for the office of Vice President.
History with rabbits….
I had my first rabbit when I was eight years old. I still remember picking Thumper out of the pen of Dutch rabbits at Bixbies Feed & Seed. She was a great pet and lived 6 1/2 years. Years later when our youngest daughter needed a project for 4H, rabbits seemed like a good fit. We chose a meat rabbit for food and food for our dogs. The project was a success and I was hooked. Later as our daughter was getting ready to leave the nest for college I wanted to keep raising rabbits… then Linda found the silver fox breed…. a very unique rabbit and much calmer than New Zealands. Now we were both hooked. We started Tale of Tales Rabbitry and our search for the elusive southern Silver Fox. We made friends with a few breeders when one said “let’s show our rabbits” followed by “hey, let’s form a club”. We have been breeding and showing Silver Fox Rabbits ever since.
Although my role was limited in the begining due to my work, I was able to participate in almost every show the first year and work at building the breed in the southeast. Now 2 years later I am winding down my professional career and have stepped down from leadership positions to a supporting role in preparation for “retirement.”
Professional background…I have been a System Analyst/Engineer in Customer Service for 40 years employed by companies such as Siemens, HP, and Inca Digital installing and maintaining large data centers and now industrial digital inkjet printers. My territory has been as small as one city and as large as the world. I’ve been an MCSE (IT), technical writer, product manager, team leader, and a work group supervisor, managing as many as 12 engineers in five states. For 5 years I was a Professional Trustee. I would commit to one year, helping the owner of a new Trust understand how their trust operates by leading board meetings to unsure the structure of the Trust was followed. I dealt with banks, the IRS, investment firms, DMV, and Iending companies. This started out as “just helping a friend”. I have served as a director on 2 church boards. Lastly and the most rewarding was as a youth Pastor/ leader and doing volunteer work with 4H clubs and home school groups and schools.I view most leadership positions as being a servant leader, meaning, leading by example and supporting those around me so they can be successful.
I feel my technical and diverse background would complement the board as Vice President. My goal is to encourage adults and youth SF breeders to show and to go out in the community giving Silver Fox Rabbit exhibitions to youth organizations.
Look forward to seeing you at the shows.

FOR THE OFFICE OF TREASURER – Petition #1: Michael Petersen, TN

Been actively showing for the previous two years. Have held the office of treasurer for other clubs and groups and understand the need for separate checking and monetary control. Want to provide more to the group by becoming an officer. Requiring a 200-word essay is an interesting requirement. Normally it is challenging to find more than one person interested in performing officer duties. So, I will keep typing until I meet the required minimum number of words. Reminds me of grade school writing I want this office a hundred times. And still going. Treasurers handle money and write checks and manage budgets. I am mostly competent at those tasks. Writing checks seems archaic but I do use an entirely cash based budget thanks to Total Money Makeover. If you haven’t, read the book by Dave Ramsey I highly recommend it. I am willing to perform the office of treasurer, vote for me. If I lose to my worthy opponent, I will still contribute to the continued growth of silver fox rabbits in the south east. When you think you have typed enough, it still won’t move forward. The current treasurer has done a wonderful job and I wish him good luck in moving forward. I approve this message.

FOR THE OFFICE OF DIRECTOR – Petition #1: Bill Brockman, TN

Hello Everyone
My name is Bill Brockman. My wife Ayn and I have been raising Silver Fox for 1 year now. Our rabbitry (Misty Ridge Rabbitry) is solely dedicated to Silver Fox and we have worked hard at bringing the very best we can to this awesome breed. We did not want to “just breed” rabbits. We wanted to breed the best rabbits and in doing so we surrounded ourselves with what we feel are the top breeders. This past year has been a lot of fun and very educational. We have been able to make many of the shows and have been somewhat successful in that our rabbits have earned several legs. I am running for a position of Director not only to help others learn but to further improve our knowledge of this awesome breed. If given the opportunity to serve as one of the directors I will do everything within the confines of this office to assist any and all with the advancement of the Silver Fox Rabbit. Georgia Silver Fox Rabbit Breeders is an awesome group and we have thoroughly enjoyed this past year and look forward to many years of showing, visiting and educating others on our favorite breed.
Thank You for your consideration.
Bill Brockman