This year we had four positions up for election:
President (2022-2024)
Secretary (2022-2024)
Director x2 (2022-2024)

President and director positions all ran unopposed and petitions for office are included below. Hannah Yost will remain our President. The two director positions also will remain with current directors – Lynette Stercks and Victoria Rowland. The Secretary position didn’t receive any petitions so Michael Petersen will continue is current tenure as Secretary for the following term.

Your current GSFRB BOD for 2022-2023 is:
President: Hannah Yost
Vice President: Tricia Beaver
Secretary: Michael Petersen
Treasurer: Michael Petersen
Director: Bill Brockman
Director: Lynette Stercks
Director: Victoria Rowland

I would like to thank all of our members who considered entering the election, and who continue to work hard to make our club the best! We have made a huge impact in the Silver Fox world and continue to look for ways to help members succeed.

Tricia Beaver
GSFRB Vice President & 2022 Election Chair


President: Hannah Yost – GA

Another election season has rolled around, and I am so thankful to have been able to serve as your President since the club’s inception. I am so proud with how far we have come, and look forward to the lengths we have yet to go. I have watched this club grow and expand our reach over the years, from barely making legs at shows, to hosting our own shows that take HOURS to judge because of all the entries. I see people expanding the breed by supporting chocolate and blue CODs, with entries for those varieties ever increasing. Again, I am proud of how far we have come.
I would like to make sure that our members don’t forget one thing, perhaps the most important thing, is that we are a community. A partnership. A coalition. A FAMILY. We need to build one another up, support, and care for one another, in order to be as welcoming and inspiring to new breeders and club members as possible – while still appreciating the work and dedication that those long-time members have put forward. A community is only as good as its leader, and I would like to continue working with this club and its members to better our community, preserve our goals, and pursue that family and fellowship we so desire. Moving forward, I hope to take a proactive route to include new and old members together in educational and occasionally hands-on events, pairing experience with tenacity and bringing current, past, and future breeders together for the good of the breed. Educating our community will only help it grow, and our reach expand further across our region.
I am looking forward to the future of this club, and I feel it is very bright. I am hopeful that as long as we can keep our community, our FAMILY strong, we will be able to continue to promote and perfect this breed in our area. Thanks again GSFRB members, for allowing me to be your past President, I hope I have convinced you that I should be your future President, too. Cheers to 2022 and beyond!

Director: Victoria Rowland – GA

Hello everyone. My name is Victoria Rowland and I am petitioning to continue in the role of GSFRB Director. I fell in love with the breed in 2015 while browsing through the Livestock Conservancy website. I had been on the hunt for a dual-purpose breed that my young daughter would also be able to handle and love. Despite my immediate fascination for the breed, I did not get my first Silver Fox rabbit until Spring of 2020, during the beginning of the COVID lockdown. I met the breeder in a grocery store parking lot and left with the most beautiful buck I had ever laid eyes on (at the time lol). After arriving home with our new buck, my husband was shocked at the sheer size of the buck but that was quickly replaced with a fascination for its amazing fur and calm personality. Unbeknownst to us, that was just the beginning of our amazing Silver Fox journey.
During the past 2.5 years I have thrown myself into the amazing world of breeding and showing Silver Foxes. Serving as a Director this past year, I have worked to expand the number of high-quality Silver Foxes in the Southeast by focusing on helping new breeders get the best start possible. I have partnered though mentoring and access to high quality foundation stock. It has also been part of my mission as a Director and breeder to increase the amount of high quality Blue Silver Foxes bred and shown in the Southeast. By partnering with other passionate Blue breeders, we are working to ensure that Blue becomes an ARBA accepted variety.
Increasing the number of Youth involved in breeding and showing has been a priority of mine as well. My daughter has taken an interest in breeding and showing Chocolate and Blue Silver Foxes. Our youth are the future of this breed and by cultivating an environment conducive to their engagement and growth, we are investing not only in the future of this amazing breed but the Youth as well.
Continuing in the Director position will provide me the opportunity to focus on expanding the number of high-quality Silver Foxes in the Southeast, devote time and resources to building and nurturing Youth and new breeders in our club and work to further the success of Blues in their journey to become an accepted ARBA variety. Thank you for the opportunity to continue serving you as a GSFRB Director for the upcoming year.

Director: Lynette Stercks – AL

Hi! My name is Lynette Stercks. I am petitioning for a Director position in the GSFRB club. I have been a member since the club’s inception, and I have been a Director for the majority of the time. I began breeding Silver Fox in 2017 and absolutely fell in love with the breed. Since that time I have been devoted to developing and improving the breed. I have been an ear and a source of information on the breed for multiple breeders as they have started their own rabbitries. There is nothing like the feeling of being able to help other people built their knowledge base and to watch them grow in confidence as time passes. I want to continue to be a part of keeping this club as successful as it has been since it was established. We may already be great, but I feel like if we keep working together and aiming high, we can continue to prosper as a club until the entire bunny nation knows our name. I would appreciate your vote and regardless of the turnout, keep being the wonderful community that I know you all are!