I realize we haven’t posted anything on the website in a while, all of us have been super busy. Show season came to a lull in December for the holidays, and most of us have just started back into showing and are breeding pretty intensely to beat the summer heat. Folks, 2020 is upon us! It’s a near year and that means many exciting things happening in bunny land!

To start, I wanted to commend our Secretary, Linda Townsend, and her assistants Laura & Elise on an absolutely FABULOUS first club newsletter. Seriously, Linda did an incredible job. If you aren’t a member, consider joining us so that you don’t miss out on anything, including the awesome newsletters.

Prizes were decided upon for our spring specialty in Dalton on 3/8. We will be awarding rosettes, ribbons & even CASH PAYOUTS to title wins. As of right now, payouts will include the following:

Best of Breed$50
Best Opposite Sex$30
Best Jr. – Blacks Only$25
Best Int. – Blacks Only$25
Best Sr. – Blacks Only$25
Best of the Best$50
Fur – Blacks Only$45

We even ordered a big check for photo opportunities for title winners. Along with payouts, the above titles will also receive rosettes, along with BOV/BOSV blues & chocolates. First in class will also each win a peach rosette, with second through 6th place (blacks only) receive ribbons. We want to encourage EVERYONE to come on out & join us at Dalton. The Dalton triple show is held on Saturday, 3/7, with SF sanctioned in all 3 shows. Then, Sunday is our club specialty, which will be held after the Meat Lover’s show, in which SF are ALSO sanctioned. That’s 5 shows in 1 weekend folks! Even if you don’t have rabbits to show, come out & join us, we would love to have you!

I just wanted to touch on one more thing before I conclude this little article…goals. It’s a new year, which means new opportunities and new challenges alike. I have found that it is SO important to set goals in many aspects of our lives, especially in my rabbitry. At the start of the year I typically set multiple short term goals (get feeders and new cages ready for rabbits, build new watering system, etc.) with 1 or even 2 long term goals (show & grand a 2nd generation homebred, come in top 5 in sweeps). Goal setting helps me accomplish everything I need to do, while also pushing me forward to work on things that might not seem so pressing or important. Even if you have a goal to just attend one single show, or have 1 rabbit hit 5lb by 8-10 weeks, push on and work as hard as possible to achieve that goal. It is incredible the feeling of satisfaction and approval I get when I finish one of my goals, and it makes me work even harder for the next goal on my list. I attribute most of my personal rabbit-related successes to setting goals, figuring out a system, and working hard towards the things I want to achieve. And when in doubt, ask for help! We are all here to support one another, including providing assistance in goal achievement.

Regardless if you breed for meat or show, everyone in the GSFRB is working together to better & save the Silver Fox breed, and that is something that EVERYONE involved should be proud of!

~Hannah Yost: GSFRB President