The GSFRB is in the process of hosting monthly auctions via this page in an effort to get more rabbits to the folks who are wanting them. Especially with Facebook banning animal sales, we want to provide an outlet for people to be able to list & sell their Silver Fox. In exchange for us hosting these auctions, a fee will be deducted from the winning bid (10% for club members, 15% for non-members) prior to the payouts being sent to the sellers. More information will be posted once we sort out the details.

If you would like to submit a rabbit to the auction, please include the following information in an email to with “[MONTH] Auction – ‘YOUR NAME'” in the subject line: Name, Ear Number, DOB, Breed, Sex, Variety, Pedigreed? (Y/N), Location, Starting Bid, and at least 1 posed side photo [additional top, rear, & fur photos are recommended if possible]. PLEASE ALSO INCLUDE A VALID PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE BODY OF YOUR EMAIL IF IT DIFFERS FROM THE EMAIL YOU ARE SENDING THE INFORMATION FROM, if you don’t include a valid PayPal email, we won’t be able to pay you!!

If you are placing a bid, you MUST include a valid email address so that we have a way to contact you should you win. If you do not include a method of contact, your bid will not be valid and will be removed. Your email will receive updates if you have been outbid, and if you win the auction.

You, the bidder, are responsible for all transport of rabbits, including obtaining any pedigrees or other information from the seller. Please make arrangements as necessary. It is the responsibility of the seller and the buyer to work out final details.

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