It is apparent that the current climate in the bunny world has recently been rocked by not just 1, but 2 potential threats to our livelihoods. COVID-19 has seen many of the potential spring shows for 2020 cancelled, and the RVHD2 threat in the southwest continues to branch further out and threatens larger events like convention this coming fall. We want to help alleviate these no-show bunny blues!

It is no secret that MANY folks are looking for rabbits, both show and meat quality, as a means of sustenance and security for their families. It can also be difficult with Facebook’s current no-animal-sale policies to get rabbits to interested parties at this time. We believe we may have a solution!

The GSFRB will be hosting an online ‘COVID auction’ to both help folks find the rabbits they are so desperately searching for, as well as make a bit of money for the club.

When: Taking consignments 4/20 through 4/25; auction runs 4/27 through 5/2.

Details: We will list any consignments on our website auction platform, bidding will begin and run through 10pm EST on Saturday, 5/2. The buyer is responsible for arranging transport unless otherwise mentioned. In exchange for the listing the club will receive 5% of the sale price. The club will PayPal auction earnings to sellers (with the 5% fee removed) no later than 5/5.

If you want to submit a consignment, please submit the following information in an email to with the subject line “Auction Consignment – “YOUR NAME”” – please include a valid PayPal email address in the body of the email if it differs from the email you are sending the information from:
– Name, Ear Number, DOB, Breed, Sex, Variety, Pedigreed? (Y/N), Location, Starting Bid, and at least 1 posed side photo [additional top, rear, & fur photos are recommended if possible]

The auction is open to anyone in the lower 48! And, if your consignment doesn’t sell via the auction, no harm, no foul, you won’t owe the club anything.

We hope you’ll join us, happy bidding!