Today is the final day for advanced entries. Early entries for the Decatur RBA triple plus our SF Specialty are due tonight, 11/12 by 10pm EST. Our lovely Secretary Linda has been doing some fantastic FB posts for those new to showing regarding what you should be doing 4, 3, 2, & 1 week out from the show. I’m going to summarize a few things for our website readers to look over.

By tonight, ensure that your entries are correct and get them sent to the secretary. Check the catalog for information regarding whom to send entries to. Once you’ve sent your entries in, you will get check-in sheets, usually within a few days. Once you receive your check-in sheets, look them over VERY carefully to ensure that there are no mistakes or errors. The best time to change any errors is BEFORE the day of the show.

When your check-in sheets and entries are finalized, you can breathe easily as your rabbits are entered successfully. Now, packing should be priority. Take anything that you might need, this includes but is not limited to:
– food, water, hay, grooming brush, nail clippers, apron, folding chair, cart, extra bedding or puppy pads, crocks or water bottles, etc. Also make sure at this point that the majority of grooming beyond a quick brushing is complete. It’s a pain to have to trim nails or heavily groom an anxious rabbit the day of the show. Also make sure your tattoos are legible, however if you have 1 or 2 who need tattoos and you don’t have a pen yourself, you can usually count on finding someone day-of-show to tattoo for you (it is always better to have it done prior though).

Also start prepping your carriers by cleaning them, adding fresh bedding/puppy pads, fresh hay, and feed/water if you travel like that. It’s easiest morning-of to just have to throw rabbits into carriers as opposed to doing all of the prep the morning-of.

Finally, make sure you’ve got some cash (for any potential purchases), and gas in your vehicle. Have directions prepared to get to the venue, and make sure you understand any special instructions (ie. to the building on the left through the gate, etc.).

Once you arrive at the show, the first thing you should do is check yourself in. Go find the show secretary table for check in and pay for your entries (if you could not do so prior to the show). PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE CHECKED IN BEFORE YOU UNLOAD RABBITS! Checking in is what ensures that the show will get started on time. Once you’re checked in, then you can begin unloading your rabbits and supplies. Find yourself a spot, or a spot with friends (often being near an outlet is helpful), get your things unloaded and your bunnies settled in and get ready for the fun!

When the show starts, make sure you’re listening for them to call your breed to the table. Typically folks are running around like crazy, but sometimes there are breaks to sit and chat between the madness.

Once the show concludes, pack up, but don’t rush. Ensure that you’ve got the right rabbits (check ear numbers), and that none of your stuff is missing. Also PLEASE clean up after yourself, and if you have time to spare ask the show committee/crew if there is anything you can do to help break down or clean up. These shows run off of volunteers and without volunteers, we have no shows.

And finally, if at any point you are confused, stressed, or anxious, ASK FOR HELP! It is likely that SOMEONE will be willing to help you out, especially if you’re a newbie. We want to bring people into this awesome hobby, not deter them, so we are willing to help you in any way we can.

Happy entry day!! 🙂 See y’all at the show!

GSFRB President
Hannah Yost